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PROTECTONNECT is the first connected device that prevents domestic water waste. It’s an ecological and economical solution for the planet and your wallet.

Preservation of the world water resources

The water resource is precious, therefore PROTECTO created the first innovative, eco-friendly and public utility solution in the world.

Our solution reduces the environmental impact due to waste caused by water leaks.

Reduce your costs

No more overcharging due to cracked meters or leaking hoses!

Save your money thanks to the detection system of water leaks between your water meter and your home (buried power pipe under: garden, road, concrete slab, garage, local, others).

Take back control of your consumption

We give back the hand to users: our solution allows you a permanent monitoring of the water installations.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can have access in real time to information on the protection and the temperature of your water meter.

No more bad surprises

No more water damage resulting in work at your own expense. Moreover, the insulation cover offers a freeze protection of water meters that allows the reduction of water cuts due to frost.

Your water bills will be more accurate and based on a precise measurement of consumption by detecting and carrying out repairs as quickly as possible.

We get you covered!

The protection against water meter freezing will make you avoid unexpected cost of water meter replacement (charge between 80 and 130€ at your own expense in case of damage due to frost).

Universal installation

The insulation cover PROTECTONNECT fits all types and brands of water meters in the world. And those, for the 500 million homes present between Europe and the United States.

Easy installation "In 30 seconds" for a 12-year warranty.

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Sustainable and Eco-friendly

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Our PROTECTONNECT Pack acts completely on the reduction of the environmental impact, water waste, over-billing due to the water leaks and on the protection of the aquatic resources.


billion cubic meters of drinking water leaked per year worldwide in 2017.

1 liter out of 3

reaches the tap in the world.

30 to 40%

of the water transported in some countries is wasted through leaks.

Many countries are getting into water stress situation and many sources of watersupplies are already overstretched. Areas still unspoiled a few years ago are now running out drinking water and must use desalination that is an expensive process.

Water waste from leaking pipes must be curbed. Only 1 liter of water out of 3 reaches the tap in the world. These poor performances have negative impact on the environment because they lead to an increased drain on a very fragile resource that we must preserve to meet our current and future needs in the context of climate change. The right to universal access to clean water is commendable, but difficult to envisage without significant investments in technical developments and innovations in exploitation in favour of responsible consumption.

In some countries, water leakage can represent up to 30-40% of the water transported. Therefore, the deployment of smart networks and consumer connected equipment, will be unavoidable and powerful tools to cut down on wastage.

How protectonnect works ?

Innovative cover that protects and insulates against freezing

Protecto is an ergonomically shaped and specific cover for the meter, the front and the post meter and robust technical textile materials, sealing optimization and multi-thermal insulators for use (initial patent) until at -24 °.

Connected app that raises the temperature live

Thanks to a connected technology, embedded and at the forefront of electronics, the PROTECTONNECT cover fitted with various sensors is remotely controlled by the customer via a mobile application, allowing in real-time the monitoring and detection of leaks.

Detection & Transmission "Water leak Alert"

The customer is warned remotely through a "Water Leak Alert" by SMS or email. Once the customer received the alert, he can either manage the leakage by itself or ask to PROTECTO team to do it in his place for lack of knowledge, in the event of prolonged absence or removal from the place of residence (holiday homes).

Intervention of PROTECTO's network

We provide technical support, within 24 hours by putting the customer in touch with a network of selected professional partners (local plumber, geolocation leakage company, water service of the municipalities).

water leak detection

Our Partners

The team words.

Today, 1.5 billion people in the world do not have access to drinking water in the world. Our challenge for the coming years is to no longer waste drinking water and preserve our resources.
We want to actively participate to the preservation of our existing resources to prevent future water shortage and damage to rivers and wildlife.
Fighting drinking water leaks must become our common goal to make our world a better place.

Protecto team
The Protectonnect team