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PROTECTONNECT is a powerful connected solution that prevents world water waste and ensures this precious resource is managed effectively by smart cities.

Preservation of the world's water resources

As our cities grow, we need to drastically increase their efficiency! Water resources are precious. Therefore, PROTECTONNECT created the first innovative, eco-friendly and public utility solution in the world.

Our solution reduces the environmental impact of waste due to water leaks and it supports users in adopting a more eco-friendly behavior.

Smart city friendly

As cities around the world experience this explosion in growth, the need to ensure that they can expand sustainably and operate efficiently has become one of the biggest challenges humanity has to face.

Thanks to the deployment of the PROTECTONNECT application and the development of our analysis algorithms, water data can be used to provide new services that are essential to a resilient, sustainable and humane smart city.

Universal solution

The PROTECTONNECT insulation cover fits all types and brands of water meters in the world, including the 500 million homes in Europe and the United States.

Easy installation "in 30 seconds" with a 12-year warranty.

Consumption monitoring

The PROTECTONNECT application allows you to control and monitor your consumption in real time and over a given period of time.

From his dashboard, the user will have access to the display of expenses related to his water consumption. The user will be able to set consumption targets and will be alerted if they are exceeded.

Energy cost efficiency

PROTECTONNECT helps to limit financial and material loss by saving time in leak detection thanks to the application's alerts.

In addition, practical advice will be given through the application to encourage users to, for instance, choose more financially and environmentally friendly equipment.

We got you covered!

The protection against water meter freezing will help you avoid the unexpected cost of a water meter replacement (a charge of 80€ to 130€ in case of damage due to frost).

Our solution allows permanent monitoring of water installations in a main or holiday house, a collective residential building, and an industrial facility, by offering fast management intervention 24/7.

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Simple and effective for Smart Cities

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Our PROTECTONNECT Pack acts completely on the reduction of the environmental impact, water waste, over-billing due to the water leaks and on the protection of the aquatic resources.


billion cubic meters of drinking water leaked per year worldwide in 2017.

1 liter out of 3

reaches the tap in the world.

30 to 40%

of the water transported in some countries is wasted through leaks.

Many countries are facing water-deficit situations and many sources of water supplies are already overstretched.

In July 2009, ignored by all but a handful of people, humanity reached an unprecedented milestone. For the first time in human history, urban areas will be more populated than rural areas. The trend will continue to increase, and by 2050, 70% of us will live in the city.

This trend in growth is one of the biggest challenges humanity has to address. To meet the challenge of sustainable expansion and to develop efficiently while maintaining the same quality of life for its residents, smart cities have to reinvent the way to use energy and natural resources.

The water management system is one of the most critical pieces of infrastructure for cities. A smart city has to develop a smart water system with real-time tracking in order to ensure this precious resource is managed properly and sustainably.

How protectonnect works ?

Innovative cover that protects and insulates against freezing

PROTECTONNECT is an ergonomically shaped and specific cover for the meter, the front and the back of meters, made of robust technical textile materials, sealing optimization and multi-thermal insulators, for use in temperatures up to -24° (initial patent).

Connected app and data analysis

Thanks to a connected technology, embedded, and at the forefront of electronics, the PROTECTONNECT cover, fitted with various sensors, is remotely controlled via a mobile application, allowing real-time detection of leaks and global monitoring consumption for smart cities.

Detection & Transmission "Water leak Alert"

The customer is warned remotely by a "Water Leak Alert" via SMS or email. Once the customer receives the alert, he can either manage the leakage himself, or ask the PROTECTONNECT team to do it for him due to lack of knowledge, in the event of vacations or prolonged absence from the place of residence (holiday homes).

Intervention of PROTECTONNECT's network

We provide technical support within 24 hours by putting the customer in touch with a network of selected professional partners (local plumbers, geolocation leakage companies, water services of the municipalities).

water leak detection

Our Partners

The team words.

Among the priorities of many countries, the goal for the future is to make buildings responsible. Thanks to a better knowledge of users' water uses, PROTECTONNECT aims to encourage a reduction in consumption. Collecting data is good. Exploiting them is better.

With the deployment of PROTECTONNECT and the development of Algorithms, drinking water consumption data can be enhanced to provide new services essential to the resilient, sustainable and humane CitySmart City.

Protecto team
The Protectonnect team